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Air Duct Cleaning in Montgomery County, MD

Did you know that a professional air duct cleaning stops contaminants from taking root in the heating and cooling system? Mold is a particularly dangerous microbe that can cause severe health problems as it circulates around the home or office. If you do suspect an issue with your indoor air quality, rather contact a professional air duct cleaning service like ProClean Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning before it leads to chronic respiratory conditions.


Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, HVAC Mold Remediation, HVAC UV Lights, Coil and Blower Cleaning, and Office & Home Disinfection Service in Montgomery County, Maryland

Keeping things clean in your house or commercial property is important, otherwise you wouldn’t have a regular cleaning schedule in Montgomery County. But what about your air ducts, have you cleaned those? What about your dryer vent? Do you think you have mold in your HVAC system? The truth is that there are some additional regular cleanings as well as disinfections that can help make a difference in your indoor air quality as well as ensure that you aren’t spreading viruses and bacteria.

Contact ProClean today to get their team scheduled for one or more of these services and know that you are going the extra mile to clean your building and keep your equipment operating as efficiently as possible.

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Air Duct Cleaning

dirty air duct that needs Air Duct Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDHave you seen brown or black dust or fuzz by your vents? Or have you found that your table and other flat surfaces seem to need cleaning daily? Chances are that you need an air duct cleaning as all of the dust, dirt, germs, dander, and other contaminants are being blown around your building.

Neglecting air duct cleaning for your Montgomery HVAC system is unwise, especially if the health of the building’s residents or employees is at stake. Bacteria, viruses, mold, and dirt accumulate in the ducts, circulating easily to cause a significant reduction in indoor air quality. Mold typically flourishes in areas with:

  • compromised ventilation
  • water damage
  • inadequate air conditioning coverage

ProClean Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning provides a high-quality air duct cleaning service for Montgomery County residents and business owners. Our experienced technicians use non-toxic, EPA-approved treatments with the latest industry equipment. We get your system cleaned safely and efficiently to prevent mold and other contaminants.

The inside of your ducts is a place that almost no one ever looks at, but if you did you would see the duct walls covered with stuff that you would find in a vacuum bag. We hook up our powerful vacuum to your system and remove all of these contaminants so that you are left with a clean system that only moves your conditioned air and nothing else. If your property is dusty, smells musty, or sees an increase in ill occupants, rather contact our skilled HVAC technicians for an urgent inspection of your vents and an air duct cleaning session.

Air Duct Cleaning

lint on roof after Dryer Vent Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDDryer Vent Cleaning

If you need more than a single cycle to dry all of your clothes, if your dryer feels hotter to the touch than normal, or if you smell a burnt smell while your dryer is operating, you likely need to have your dryer vent cleaned. The lint trap in your dryer is good but it never catches 100% of the lint and such that get released from drying clothes.

Instead, some of that lint will get sent out the dryer vent, but it will likely get caught somewhere in the vent. As this builds up, the dryer needs to work harder to dry your clothes. Having a dryer vent cleaning will allow your dryer to work as it is intended and prevent a fire from happening as well. If you live in Montgomery County, MD, contact ProClean Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning for more information today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

mold in AC unit requiring HVAC Mold Remediation in Montgomery County, MarylandHVAC Mold Remediation

Especially when the temperature difference is greater, there are areas in your HVAC system that can hold moisture. When mold spores find this moisture they will take hold and grow and then create more mold spores. These mold spores get blown around your building and can affect breathing, be the cause of excessive coughing, spawn headaches, and more.

This mold needs to be removed, and our team has the right equipment for HVAC mold remediation, including an EPA-approved formula that kills off any remaining spores and will help prevent them from coming back.

HVAC Mold Remediation

REME Halo UV Light in Montgomery County, MDHVAC UV Light

What more and more businesses and now homes are finding is that adding a UV light to their HVAC system can help dramatically reduce the bacteria, viruses, and germs that are being blown around their spaces. UV-C light alters the DNA of these infectious things so that they can no longer reproduce, thus rendering them dead.

This means that if someone is ill and coughing or sneezing, these viruses and bacteria that get moved around the system will eventually encounter the HVAC UV light and won’t reproduce. This keeps indoor air quality high and healthy.


before and after Coil and Blower Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDCoil and Blower Cleaning

As part of the air duct cleaning, we can also perform coil and blower motor cleaning. Not only will this help to remove all of the dust and dirt that gets blown around, but cleaning the coil will also help your system to run more efficiently. The cooling coil will naturally attract dust and grime because of the moisture that condenses on the coil due to the temperature difference.

This means that the air that moves across a dirty coil will not cool down as much as a cleaned coil. This forces your HVAC system to operate longer than it otherwise would need to, costing you more money and putting more wear and tear on the system.

Coil and Blower Cleaning

workers providing Office Disinfection Service in Montgomery County, MDOffice Disinfection Service

These days the priority has changed where not only cleaning but disinfection is becoming more important. It might seem a daunting task to try to disinfect an entire office or building, but using our EPA-approved disinfectant along with our fogging machines will ensure that all of the different surfaces of your commercial space will get attention.

This can include both hard and soft surfaces so that no area or item of furniture will be missed. With the recent health scare that affected all of us, proper office disinfection services have taken a priority to maintain health wherever you are.

Office Disinfection Service

gloves and sponge cleaning stoves during Home Disinfection Service in Montgomery County, MDHome Disinfection Service

Just like in the larger commercial setting, cleaning your home is often just the start of what you want to do. We offer a home disinfection service utilizing the same formula and approach that we use on larger commercial spaces.

This fogging technology ensures that all areas are touched by the formula that we use, including hard-to-reach areas and surfaces. The formula includes a virucide, fungicide, mildewstat, deodorizer, disinfectant, and more in a powerful solution that will leave your home clean and fresh.

Home Disinfection Service

Areas Served in Montgomery County, MD

Our team is proud to serve the residents of Montgomery County, MD, which is the most populous county in Maryland. The vibrant locale has a thriving population of over 1.051 million. As a part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metropolitan area, it is one of the wealthiest counties nationwide and home to countless government offices, learning centers, scientific research centers, and business campuses.

Keeping your residential or commercial space clean and healthy is a never-ending battle, but if you ignore important aspects of the building to clean, it makes it harder. Our team at ProClean can help with this by regular cleanings of your air ducts, and dryer vents, as well as providing the disinfection service to your property in Montgomery County. Contact us today to learn more and schedule our team for your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

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