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Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ Serving the entire Maryland, Virginia & DC area Including Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, MD, Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, VA, and the Surrounding Areas

Whether it’s the tile in your bathroom, in your kitchen, or elsewhere in your Ashburn, Bethesda, MD, Gaithersburg, Leesburg, VA, Reston, Rockville, MD, Sterling, VA, or the surrounding area building, it’s time for a good tile and grout cleaning. The experts from ProClean Air Duct Cleaning will bring their A-game for grout cleaning and tile cleaning. Below we provide some important details about tile and grout cleaning.

What Does Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Involve?

Whether you’re looking to clean your home kitchen, the bathrooms at your business, or your outdoor patio area, we help you assess your tile floors and provide you with the right professional tile cleaning solution that will remove dirt and stains effectively and affordably. The process starts with their technicians inspecting your tile and grout and determining the right cleaning method. They will then use their professional equipment and non-toxic cleaning solutions to clean your tile and grout. Finally, they will have you inspect the work, and will not be done until you are satisfied.

How Often Should I Get My Tile and Grout Professional Cleaned?

You might be wondering just how often you should have your tile and grout professionally cleaned. While your specific needs will vary based on a variety of things, generally it is recommended that you have things cleaned once or twice per year. Because sand, dirt, and other contaminants are brought through your space, and they can make your tile and grout look old and worn, it is important to clean them well to keep them looking neat and clean. You will also be extending the life of those tiles and grout as well.

What Is Grout Sealing?

Grout sealing is an important aspect to maintaining the health of your grout and is ideally done after grout cleaning. The idea behind a grout sealer is that when liquids cover your grout, these liquids will be absorbed into the grout because the grout is porous. Even when you wipe up the liquids, there will still be some that got absorbed into the grout and will lead to staining and discoloration of your grout over time. Grout sealing helps to protect against your grout absorbing any liquids and keeps it looking like new.

What’s The ProClean Difference?

ProClean Air Duct Cleaning has more than 35 years of experience in doing grout cleaning, tile cleaning, as well as other professional services. Through safe and eco-friendly grout cleaning methods, our experienced technicians restore the luster and aesthetic of your grout without damaging your tiles. No matter how large of a space you have in Ashburn, Bethesda, MD, Gaithersburg, Leesburg, VA, Reston, Rockville, MD, Sterling, VA, and the surrounding area with tile, ProClean Air Duct Cleaning can handle it.


Proclean, an air duct and carpet cleaning services company, is a local family owned business. In business for over 35 years, we are one of the most experienced professional air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning companies in the Washington Metropolitan area, specializing in both residential and commercial properties.

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