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Grout Cleaning & Tile Cleaning Serving the entire Maryland, Virginia & DC area Including Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, MD, Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, VA, and the Surrounding Areas

PROCLEAN: Grout & Tile Cleaning Services

Cleaning your floors by hand is a taxing chore. While a simple sweep and mop may hold you over for a while, professional tile and grout cleaning services can get your tiles looking brand new again, and make your home or business a cleaner and more comfortable place for you and your guests. No more getting on your hands and knees to scrub floors!


At ProClean Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning we serve clients in Bethesda, MD, Ashburn, Rockville, MD, Sterling, VA, ​Reston, Gaithersburg, Leesburg, VA and the surrounding areas with professional cleaning services that promote a healthier and more sanitary indoor environment. Prioritizing your health and safety first, our professional technicians utilize industrial tile cleaning equipment with high-pressure water and vacuum power for complete dirt and allergen removal.

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning can be a difficult task. As a porous material that collects dirt and grime, grout is susceptible to discoloration and build-up that can compromise the look and cleanliness of your home or business. Our professional grout cleaning and stain removal process extracts dirt and other gunk that builds in the pores of your grout lines. The result of our clean and safe grout cleaning is clear grout lines that are dirt-free and sanitary.

Through safe and eco-friendly grout cleaning methods, our experienced technicians restore the luster and aesthetic of your grout without damaging your tiles. Typically paired with tile cleaning, we use the proper ph balance to release dirt and debris that get trapped in the pores of your grout.

Grout Cleaning and Tile Cleaning in Bethesda MDTile Cleaning

You can scrub your floors thoroughly and still feel like they’re not clean– you’re probably right! Traditional household tile cleaning solutions aren’t always enough to remove dirt and debris that get trapped on and beneath your tile. Whether you’re looking to clean your home kitchen, the bathrooms at your business, or your outdoor patio area, we help you assess your tile floors and provide you with the right professional tile cleaning solution that will remove dirt and stains effectively and affordably.

Serving Sterling, VA, ​Reston, Gaithersburg, Leesburg, VA, and the surrounding areas for over 35 years, at ProClean Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning we ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction with all our grout and tile cleaning services.

Our tile cleaning process is achieved in three easy steps:

  1. Our licensed and insured technicians examine your floors to determine the correct grout cleaning and tile cleaning method.
  2. We begin our grout and tile cleaning process with professional industrial equipment and non-toxic cleaning solutions to lift out dirt and leave your tiles looking brand new again.
  3. We end with a final inspection to ensure that the job was done correctly and that you’re fully satisfied with our tile cleaning services.


Proclean, an air duct and carpet cleaning services company, is a local family owned business. In business for over 35 years, we are one of the most experienced professional air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning companies in the Washington Metropolitan area, specializing in both residential and commercial properties.

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