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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Montgomery County, MD


Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning, and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery County, MD

Whether it’s your couch that you enjoy binge-watching your favorite series on or the comfy recliner that you enjoy reading a book in, these furniture pieces in your Montgomery County home likely are harboring a variety of dust, hair, pollen, and other pollutants. The only way to get them clean is with an upholstery cleaning from ProClean. Our fabric-safe solution helps to bring all of that trapped contamination out so that it can be removed. We can do the same with the carpets in your home or commercial setting as well.  If you have a tile, we have an answer for that as well.

Contact us today to bring our team to your place and give your floors and furniture the cleaning that they deserve.

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vacuum used for Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDCarpet Cleaning

Your carpets take a lot of abuse throughout the day. From kids running all over to being a high-traffic area in the evenings as people come and go from the room to pets and their hair and more. This means that even if you vacuum every day, your carpets will slowly fade in color as the dirt gets mashed into the fibers of the carpet.

With our pet-safe solution, you can be confident that you won’t have any toxic chemicals used in our carpet cleaning services, and within a few hours of us completing the job your carpets should be dry.

Carpet Cleaning

tool used during Upholstery Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDUpholstery Cleaning

Is your recliner looking a bit dingy? What about your couch? Heck, even the seats in your daily driver could use a good cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning service is much like our carpet cleaning service in that we use non-toxic formulas for cleaning and things should be dry enough to use in just a few short hours.

Vacuuming is good for the large items that you can see, but the fine dust and dirt are trapped in the fiber and need some help in coming loose. We also offer a commercial-grade fabric protectant that we can put on after the upholstery cleaning is complete.

Upholstery Cleaning

mop used for Tile Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDTile Cleaning

Tile is a great choice for flooring that will last for many years, whether in a residential setting or a commercial setting. However, over time your tiles will end up looking dull and lifeless even though you attend to them and clean them regularly requiring tile cleaning.

If you have stains from a spill, we can look at that specifically for some special treatment to help bring that stain out of the tile and grout. With our non-toxic cleaning solution plus our professional equipment, we’ll have your tile in the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else sparkling like they were new.

Tile Cleaning

brush used during Grout Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDGrout Cleaning

When we do a tile cleaning session, we’ll also include a grout cleaning as well since they are in the same place. The grout is more porous than the tile so it more easily accepts dirt, dust, and grime and becomes discolored. With the tile cleaning, we will also clean your grout so that it once again is the color it should be.

Once we have finished with the grout cleaning, we can apply a grout sealer that helps to prevent this dirt accumulation and discoloration.

Grout Cleaning

closeup of vacuum for Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery County, MDCommercial Carpet Cleaning

Many commercial spaces still opt to use carpeting for many areas, and just like the carpeting in your home, commercial carpeting also gets dirty. However, commercial carpeting is designed to handle much more traffic than residential carpeting and is “tougher”, but it still can have dirt and grime ground into it, causing it to appear dingy.

Professional commercial carpet cleaning uses the same non-toxic formulas for cleaning so it is safe for everyone and brings out all of the dirt and restores the commercial carpets.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Areas Served in Montgomery County, MD

Daily cleaning of your carpets, flooring, furniture, and other items is important to keep them clean and usable in Montgomery County. However, because dust, dirt, and more get pressed and ground into the fabrics it is important to have a professional cleaning session from ProClean. Once or twice per year can make a difference in keeping everything looking its best and maximizing the investment you made in it originally. Contact us today to book your cleaning session.

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