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Mold Remediation and Mold Removal in Columbia, MD

The first time you smell it you likely wouldn’t connect it with your HVAC system in Columbia, MD. But after a while when you can’t track down where the musty smell is coming from, you should suspect that you may have mold somewhere in your air ducts. That’s when you should call our team at ProClean and have us come out to do a mold inspection on your air ducts. Warm, dark, and damp often describe the conditions of some areas of your air ducts, and this makes a perfect place for mold to grow and give off spores that have that musty smell.

Once found we can take steps for mold remediation and mold removal. Contact us today to bring us in for a mold inspection and have it taken care of if it is present.

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Mold Remediation in Columbia

wall full of mold that needs Mold Remediation in ColumbiaWe understand that initial reaction of “get it out” regarding mold, and we agree! The important thing to remember is that mold is naturally occurring and can be found indoors and outdoors. Knowing this, 100% mold removal is never a reality, and this is the basis for mold remediation. With mold remediation, we look at the underlying cause of the growth of the mold so that we can understand why it happened in the first place.

Mold will only grow in the ideal conditions, and there are a few places in a home where the conditions could become just right for stray mold spores to take hold in their new home. Once we have identified the cause of the mold growth, we can remove the mold but then we can also work on addressing the conditions that lead to it in the first place. The goal would be to have conditions not be present in the future for it to happen again.

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spray bottle on mold in corner and Mold Removal in Columbia, Maryland

Mold Removal in Columbia, Maryland

Mold removal is pretty straightforward, as it is the process of removing the mold that we find in your house in Columbia, Maryland. We will make sure that we take our time with mold removal as we don’t want to give any more mold spores than necessary.

No one wants us to come back to do another mold removal, so our team at ProClean takes their time to ensure the most complete mold removal process.

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Columbia, MD

When you think you may have mold in your home, make the call to our experienced team for a mold inspection. Columbia was founded by James W. Rouse (1914-1996), a native of Easton, Maryland. At the unveiling on June 21, 1967, James Rouse described Columbia as a planned new city that would avoid the leap-frog and spot-zoning development threatening the county. The village concept aimed to provide Columbia with a small-town feel; each village comprises several neighborhoods. Contact us today for your mold inspection.

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