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How To Extend The Longevity Of Your Furniture

Our home furniture plays a big role in our home decorations and creating the right ambiance for your property. The right furniture will not just improve the aesthetics of our home, but it also gives our family members as well as a representation of our home. The importance of furniture in our home doesn’t stop with its part in interior decoration. Furniture like chairs, tables, and many others are also considered as a necessity in every house since it gives comfort to people living in the house.
With the significance of furniture, it is no wonder they also come with expensive price tags. And like any other homeowners, after you have spent a lot of money buying every piece of furniture needed for your home, you would want to be able to make use of them for as long as possible. Making your furniture last longer will save you from spending more money in the next few years. So how can you really extend the life of your furniture?

Invest in quality
It’s no rocket science. If you want to have durable furniture, then choose those pieces made of high-quality materials. You might get overwhelmed with the prices tags on high-quality furniture, but you also need to remember that it will also keep you from buying new furniture every few months or years.

Maintain cleanliness
Dirt and dust are the main culprits in reducing the life span of any furniture, especially if they are upholstered. Dust off your wooden furniture regularly to maintain their gloss. Treat your leather furniture at least once a year with a cleaning product specifically made for leather or have it treated with a professional service provider such as the professionals at Proclean.

Guard your furniture against extreme conditions
Anything that is extreme can hurt your furniture. During winter, you might like to use a humidifier to protect your furniture from the extreme cold. during summer, you might like to turn on your air conditioning unit so the moisture will not build up on your furniture and damage it.

Keep your pets away from the furniture
Pets are naturally playful. And you wouldn’t want to come home one afternoon seeing that your furry friend has used it as a scratching post, would you? Or if you can’t keep your pets from going over your furniture, you can cover a certain part of your sofa with fabric and train your pet to stay on that part.

Protect it at all times
Fabric protection is your best buddy when it comes to furniture maintenance. It protects your furniture from stains and spills. You can also treat your upholstered furniture with conditioner before using them. Remember how prevention is always better than cure? And whenever you notice something that is wrong, no matter how small the stain or scratch is, on your furniture, have it treated right away.

For a professional approach, Proclean deodorizes and protects your furniture after every cleaning. Their experts spray the protector on your furniture to create an invisible barrier around the fibers. This improves resistance to dry soil, water-based stains, and daily wear and tear. We can also apply a deodorizer that neutralizes odors by eliminating them at their source. Let our professional clean spring new life into your favorite chair or sofa. Call us today to set up your appointment!

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