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How to Professionally Get Out Pet Stains

An indoor pet becomes a big part of the family. Your four-legged friend joins in with whatever is going on in the house, and before long, you can’t imagine what life was like before he or she joined you. You make sure you properly feed, vaccinate, and house-train your pet so that he or she provides the least possible disruption to your routine. Unfortunately, even the best-trained pet has the occasional accident, and the training process itself is not without its mishaps.

When your pet has made a stain in your home’s carpet, use these tricks to clean it up with a minimum of fuss. In many cases, you can clean it up yourself. If you’re not getting the results you want, contact ProClean for more advanced treatment.

First Step: General Cleanup
Before using any cleanup products, remove as much of the waste as possible. Soak it up with paper towels, or use a gloved hand to pick up as much as possible. This will reduce the effort required in the remaining steps and help you get better results.

Second Step: Treatment
There are lots of products on the market for pet cleanup, but most of us already have everything we need right at home. Mix two cups of warm water, two tablespoons of washing soda (also known as soda ash or sodium carbonate), two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and one teaspoon of dish detergent. Do a quick color test in an inconspicuous area, then work the solution into the stain site with a brush. Blot it out with a damp cloth, then rinse the cloth and repeat until the stain is gone.

Third Step: Odor Removal
Pets are creatures of habit, so if they smell their waste in your carpet, they may repeat their messy behavior. A mixture of equal parts white vinegar and warm water can be sprayed into the stain and allowed to dry. The vinegar will neutralize the smell to both your nose and your pet’s. If one treatment doesn’t do it, simply repeat.

Final Step: Vacuuming
Once the area has thoroughly dried, go over it with the vacuum cleaner. Make sure it is set on the lowest possible height so that it gets deep into the carpet fibers. This will remove any loose material that remains. Be advised it could also pull up additional odors and waste from deeper in the carpet or padding. If it does, repeat the entire process until the smell is gone.

Pet stains can quickly ruin the look of any room, and the lingering odors are inhospitable at best. When you have indoor pets, prepare yourself for the possibility that they will eventually have an accident on your carpet. Then do your best to make a quick cleanup.

If that doesn’t work, we’re here to help. Let ProClean take care of tough stains and all your specialized cleaning.

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