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What to Expect During Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Sterling

You may have a clean home to ensure that your family is healthy and safe, but there are some parts of your home that are difficult for you to keep clean. At ProClean Air Duct Cleaning, we offer cleaning services using special equipment, and our technicians are able to perform strenuous tasks. If you have never hired someone for duct and dryer vent cleaning, then this is what you can expect from the services.

How We Clean Dryer Vents
If you have a dryer in your home, then its venting system is often full of debris that can catch on fire. The lint on garments can collect inside the vent hose, filling it completely. As your dryer is operating, the hot air can’t escape, and the appliance can overheat, and its motor can begin to burn. Alternatively, the debris inside the dryer’s vent hose can catch on fire, leading to a major disaster inside and outside your home. If the vent hose is partially filled with lint, then your dryer is working harder to dry garments and bedding, increasing your monthly utility bill.
If you want to clean your dryer’s vent, then it is a difficult chore that involves moving the appliance to reach the vent hose. The vent system begins with the hose, but it extends into the wall, and also, in some cases, the vents are in the ceiling. Removing the debris from this long venting system requires us to use special tools and vacuuming devices. In addition, we can climb on ladders to clean the vent from the outside of your home. This is where we often find bird’s nests or beehives, and we must use extra caution while removing these items.

How Are Air Ducts Cleaned?
The air ducts in your home may contain hundreds of pounds of household dust such as pet hair and pollen. This dirt prevents the proper circulation of climate-controlled air, and it also contaminates the air that you breathe. If you suffer from respiratory distress or an assortment of allergies, then having the ductwork cleaned in your home is imperative.
Our team of technicians understands how to complete this task, and our company has the suctioning equipment required for removing debris. We begin by removing the intake and outlet covers throughout your home to suction the debris from the openings. We cover the vent openings so that our strong suctioning equipment can remove all of the debris from the air ducts that are located inside the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home.
We can also inspect your home’s furnace or air conditioner to remove the debris that collects in these devices. All of the captured debris is containerized in plastic bags that are removed from your home. If you have lived in a home for many years, then requesting ductwork cleaning can make the air fresher in your home by eliminating the foul odors from smoking cigarettes or from having pets.

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