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Breathe Clean Air With A Clean Air Duct System

important to make sure you check your air duct system. Air ducts in your home do an important job – they are responsible for circulating airflow from your heating and cooling equipment inside your home.

All air that enters through your home circulated through the ducts many times a day. The air that comes circulated through the ducts is the same air that fills your home and it’s the air that you and your family breathe. With that being said, you will want this air to be as clean as possible. This is the main reason why you should consider cleaning your air duct regularly. Cleaning your air ducts will remove dust, allergens, irritants and unpleasant odors from circulating around your home. A thorough air duct cleaning will reduce the amount of interior cleaning especially dusting and allows you to maintain a clean and hygienic home.

Benefits of Clean Air Duct System

A clean air duct offers you and your home multiple benefits. Some of these are as follows:
Better indoor air quality
We all desire to breathe fresh and clean air but the quality of air inside your home depends on the health of your heating and cooling system. Your AC will circulate the air inside your home — taking the air in and then letting the air out. If your air duct system is dirty, then there is also a bigger chance that the air circulating inside your home is also dirty.

Energy efficient

Did you know that about 25%-40% of the energy used in your heating and cooling system is being wasted? The main culprit of this are the contaminants that have accumulated in your AC unit; it makes the unit work harder in order to maintain the temperature you need. With air duct cleaning, the contaminants will be removed which makes your AC unit more efficient without using too much energy.

Reduce allergens

When the air duct system is cleaned, this means that irritants such as bacteria, pollen, molds, and other toxins are removed too. Individuals who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems are recommended to have their air duct system cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of airborne toxins in their home.
When you don’t clean your air duct system, dust and other particles can build up. As a result, it will make your air conditioning unit work harder just to maintain a good temperature inside. When this happens, your AC unit will wear out faster and can get damage which can be costly plus, you are exposing your family’s health at risk. So clean your air duct system regularly and breathe clean air!


How Drying Vent Cleaning Prevents Fires

A fire can harm the home’s infrastructure and cause thousands of dollars in damages. Even a single, small fire can cause all sorts of havoc in any home. A fire that gets out of hand can cause even greater problems, possibly even leaving the home uninhabitable. If the fire is left unchecked, it can even cause serious injuries to every single person living there. All homeowners need to make sure they are doing all they can to reduce the possibility of fire spreading in their homes. Proper fire safety is a must. Fortunately, there are many actions that can be taken to help stave off this problem. One such option is making sure that all dryer vents are properly cleaned.

Long Piping

Piping is one of the foundations of all homes. Every single home has lots of piping. This is one area that needs a great deal of care in order for it to be in good working order. One part of the home that has lots of piping is the dryer. The dryer is a very useful household appliance. This is where people go in order to make sure they have clean, dry clothing they can wear each day. At the same time, it’s also an area that is subject to a lot of use. Many homeowners run the dryer at least several hours every single week in order to get the clothing they want and need.

Cleaning It Out

While dryers are highly efficient, they also pose certain hazards. A dryer has many components. Many of these components are made of metal. As the dryer heats clothing, these metal parts can get very hot. Even a relatively short run of the dryer can cause the metal parts to get hot. Most of the time, this is not a problem. The metal parts get hot for a while. Then, they cool off quickly once the drying process is completed. However, over time, it is possible for the dryer to get really hot and create problems. This can lead to issues such as a fire.

Preventing Unwanted Outcomes

It’s best to have a close look at the dryer. If it seems to be taking longer to get the job done or it feels too hot, now is the time to get to consider the need for cleaning. A cleaning can help reduce such problems. Experts know how to head into the entire area of the piping leading from the dryer to other parts of the home. This will reduce the impediments faced in reducing the heat that might otherwise spark a fire. Cleaning the dryer area has other important benefits. It helps the dryer operate more efficiently. A more efficient dryer is one that will ultimately use a lot less energy. This helps the homeowner not only get drying done more easily and reduces the homeowner’s utility costs.

Don’t Forget Ductwork Cleaning For Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great opportunity to break free of ruts and embrace a whole new world. When spring comes, people start to think about cleaning their homes and offices. A biannual deep cleaning is an ideal way for items that have been laying around all winter long to last long and work properly. It’s also a good way to prepare for the upcoming spring season. When creating a home or business cleaning plan, it’s best to think about all areas of the space. Each area from top to bottom benefits from removing old dirt and making a fresh, clean start. One area that may get overlooked but needs just as much attention is the home or office ducts.