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How Often Should You have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

There are many reasons to have your air ducts cleaned periodically. The problem is that most people do not really think about their air ducts. Periodic duct cleaning can reduce the likelihood of dust in a home amongst many other things. The following will tell you how often you should have your air ducts cleaned.

From the Get-Go

It is no secret that more homes are built in areas like Gaithersburg MD, Rockville MD, and Bethesda MD. This is great for families hoping to own a home, but one thing that realtors often forget to tell homeowners is that newly-built homes usually need their air ducts cleaned immediately.

Homes that have been recently constructed may have things like sawdust and other construction debris within the air ducts, which can hurt the air quality of a home. This is one of the reasons ProClean recommends that you get your air ducts serviced, especially if you have a newly built home. Keep in mind that poor air quality can irritate people with asthma or those with allergies, which are things no one wants.

Duct Cleaning Time

Those who cannot remember the last time you cleaned your air ducts are probably due for a cleaning. Most professionals are going to tell you that your ducts are going to have to be cleaned every three to five years, which is pretty standard. It might be best to stick to that, especially if you have people living at home who might be sensitive to air quality issues.

Remember that the frequency in which you will need your ducts clean also depends on the weather and how much you use your AC system. If you use your AC excessively, you should definitely consider getting your ducts clean more often, especially if it has been a little windy. Wind means there are more particles and dust in the air that could get in your ducts.

Major Cleaning Alerts

There are also a number of signs you need to know that might be telling you that you need to get those ducts clean. For one, those who have or are suffering from a vermin or insect infestation may want to get your ducts clean. There could be dead insects, infestations, or waste in the ducts that need to be removed.

Of course, those who actually see dust released from their supply registers at any given time might need to get your air ducts cleaned. Make sure you get your ducts checked if your home recently suffered from water damage or any sort of leak that might have gotten near your duct system. Water can lead to mold, especially if it is not cleaned out from the duct system. You should also make sure you pay attention to any strange smells coming from the vents.

Remember that you should also make sure your ducts are cleaned after major construction in your home, such as a remodeling job. Hopefully, some of these points make it easy for you to know when you might need your air ducts cleaned.

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